Who can benefit?

Are you a spouse in a marital relationship that remains unsatisfying?  Are you and your spouse without a vision or goals for your marriage?  Are you wondering where to begin to turn the relationship around ~ or even if the relationship can be turned around? 

Or, are you a spouse who is just looking for a minor adjustment or two to the relationship to return the marriage to the mountaintop again?

If any of this describes you, then time with the Marriage Mechanic can benefit you.  Our counseling can benefit those people who desire to:

**   Understand your unique personality type and how that affects your spouse and your relationship.

**   Improve communication skills and the enjoyment of talking with your spouse again.

**   Develop conflict resolution strategies to play "win/win" in every decision.

**   Enhance your physical intimacy together to the point where you both enjoy it again.

**   Develop a vision and goals for your relationship that you will actually achieve.

**   Increase your trust level to a very high level again.

**   Improve the husband's attention to his wife and the wife's respect for her husband.

**   Understand your true needs and desires for the relationship. 

**   Meaningfully express those needs in a way that your spouse will hear and understand.

**  Improve your spiritual life and understand God's plan for a dynamic relationship.

However, our counseling is NOT for everyone.  If you are needing help with emotional issues like anxiety, depression, etc, then you are best served by seeing a licensed professional counselor.

But, if you are relatively healthy emotionally and need someone to guide your relationship to another level (and ultimately to the mountaintop), then our counseling can benefit you. 

To read testimonials about Scott's impact in the lives of couples, read the testimonial page.  For further information on ways in which you can bless other couples with a gift certificate (anonymously, if you wish), go to the additional services page.

Scott charges $ 45 per hour for his marriage counseling.  However, prior to any formal agreement, Scott conducts a FREE 2-hour session to evaluate the results of a 67-question questionnaire that the couple takes online.  The results of this online questionnaire and the FREE 2-hour session help a couple decide if they want to proceed further with formal counseling.