Are You Looking For The Marriage Of Your Dreams?

Are You Looking For The Marriage Of Your Dreams?

Are You Looking For The Marriage Of Your Dreams? Are You Looking For The Marriage Of Your Dreams? Are You Looking For The Marriage Of Your Dreams?


For those clients who prefer, we have the option of doing telephone or skype sessions that our clients are finding to be very useful and effective. And, for those clients who opt for this option, the cost is $ 20 cheaper ($ 70 instead of $ 90) for a full 2-hour session.

Marriage Counseling shouldn't be an endless process.

Our approach is to identify quickly the root causes of issues in the relationship.  Once those are determined, a solutions-based approach is employed.  Most couples are finished and at the mountaintop 

in as little as 8-10 weeks.

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Why would I need a "mechanic" for my marriage?

Because cars aren't the only things which benefit from routine maintenance to keep them running well.  The unfortunate reality is that most marriages are not good and most spouses don't dream big enough. Getting to the "mountaintop" is our vision for every couple.  About 90% of our couples reach that mountaintop (the majority within 10 weeks) regardless of their issues.


10 weeks? Are you serious?

It's astounding, but true.  Most couples have a total of between 12 to 18 issues that need resolving before they get to the mountaintop.  We solve an average of two problems per session. The amazing fact is that a person begins to feel significantly better about the relationship after only 4 sessions.


What if my marriage is beyond hope?

No marriage is beyond hope.  NONE.  We have found that couples in trouble, even those coming out of an affair situation, can be "at the mountaintop" in 10 weeks or less. You don't have much to lose by giving it one more shot, and you may gain the marriage of your dreams.  The mountaintop awaits you. 

Plus, your children will thank you for working it out, and couples therapy is a whole lot cheaper than a divorce.  

What If...


What if my spouse doesn't want to come?

That's okay, you come anyway.  You won't be our first client to see dramatic improvement in your marriage, even without your spouse joining you during the sessions.  When your spouse begins to see you becoming the "man or woman of their dreams", they will want to join you.

What if my spouse doesn't love me anymore?

Frankly, that is exactly how a spouse feels after a relationship has been neglected. However, feelings change when a spouse's needs begin to be met intentionally and regularly.  We typically see couples experience a real change in outlook within 4 sessions, and reach the mountaintop by session 10.

What if one or both partners has had an affair?

About half of our couples are in this boat, and we're happy to report they have achieved great success with our program.  We will address the root causes of the affair, and then focus on building a New Reality where each spouse focuses on becoming the man or woman of the other's dreams.

Isn't it a lot of work?

No, not really -- not for what you get. The amount of work involved in reaching the mountaintop is relatively small given the great reward you receive. The amazing fact is that a small amount of change and effort will create a tremendous amount of reward in your relationship.  Our clients work harder in their marriage precisely because their spouse is meeting more of their needs. Basically, the reward far outweighs the effort.

Plus, you will not have to rehash the last 20 years of your life.  We focus on creating a New Reality in the present, and we do not dwell on the past. 

What if we can't afford counseling?

We don't want finances to stand in the way of any couple reaching the mountaintop.  As such, we only charge about one third of the going rate charged by other therapists.  Our hourly rate is less expensive than you'll pay for most professional services, and is far cheaper than the negative financial burden of a lousy marriage or the cost of a divorce.  In addition, many churches have Benevolence Funds that will help pay for the cost of counseling.

Finally, we offer a free 2-hour initial consultation to help the couple determine if the counseling will work for them (see the Free Analysis tab above).

Can we take a test drive?

Yes.  We offer a 2 hour free consultation to determine if the couple is interested in pursuing this route to the mountaintop.


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