Additional Services

Premarital Counseling


Premarital sessions are at a reduced rate of $35/hr, and we meet with the couple for a total of 10 hours over 4 to 5 sessions.  The counseling includes sessions on personality types, love languages, conflict resolution styles, goal setting, physical intimacy, spirituality, trust issues, the fiance's desire for change, budgeting, and more.  In addition, the couple takes a 67-question questionnaire that helps pinpoint areas where potential conflict may arise in the future. 

Wedding Officiant


After completion of premarital counseling, Scott will officiate the big day if requested and if his schedule allows. The fee for the rehearsal run-through and the wedding ceremony is $200. Scott is an ordained minister and is licensed to perform weddings in any state.

Gift Certificates


Maybe you know a couple who would benefit from marriage counseling, and you’d like to enable them to receive help. Purchase a gift certificate and present it to them, or have us mail it if you wish to remain anonymous.  Please get in touch via the "contact me" page.

Individual Life Coaching


Scott also offers individual life coaching for persons who want to achieve a higher level of performance in their career, relationships, etc.  The cost is $ 45 per hour.

Marriage Retreats


Scott and Cindy are available to provide from 3 to 10 hours of Christian marriage teaching for your Christian marriage retreat.  The teaching can include (but is not limited to) the following:   Personality traits, Love languages, Communication skills, Conflict resolution skills, an In-depth look at the meaning of Ephesians 5:21-33, the Role of the husband and the wife, Knowing your needs, Expressing your needs well, Spirituality in a healthy marriage, Trust, Forgiveness, Physical intimacy, and more.  The cost for the teaching is negotiable.  References from people who have attended a Christian Marriage Retreat taught by us are available upon request.



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