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"When we first came, our marriage was hanging by a thread.  Mistakes had been made.  Trust was gone.  We literally started the Mountaintop Marriage sessions thinking that divorce seemed inevitable.  Being people who are typically skeptical of “self-helps” and “quick fixes,” we pledged to give the program our best shot, and to commit 100% to whatever was asked of us.  Scott and Cindy were real.  They were honest.  They presented things in ways we had never thought of before. And they didn’t just talk about theories and abstract “relationship stuff.”  They gave us real tools to use in our daily interaction with each other, our children and others.  We began to look at each other and ourselves in a completely different light, and we both changed for the better.  And our marriage changed – for the better.  Thanks to God’s grace and the Mountaintop Marriage program, this year we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary, happier, more satisfied and more complete in our relationship and our home life than we could have ever imagined.  Thank you, Scott and Cindy, for helping us repair and rebuild our marriage and our family on a firm and lasting foundation!"

- Jon and Kathy, Camp Hill

"We are somewhat embarrassed to say it took us 3 years to come to Scott.  We had an affair situation and we tried to deal with it ourselves before coming to Scott.  We should have come a whole lot sooner.  Once we learned why things happened, and what we could do about it, we had a choice.  We (really I) could remain bitter (and I was), or we could seek this New Reality Scott talks about.  We chose the latter and it has been two years now since we finished with Scott.  We are still at the mountaintop -- and our family will forever be grateful for what transpired in those sessions."

- Brian and Jackie, Mechanicsburg

"My husband and I had gone through a very scary and traumatic birth of our son.  The guilt that we both felt was enormous, even though we knew there was nothing we could have done to change the outcome.  Scott helped us through that issue, identifying logically why we should not feel guilty and making us realize why we did.  While going through therapy for this, other issues were exposed.   Working on these issues with Scott has made my husband and I learn more about each other.  We have learned how to communicate with each other more effectively using Scott’s tools.  We have rediscovered why we were attracted to each other and the reasons we married each other in the first place.   We appreciate the therapy Scott gave us to improve our marriage, especially with a new child in our lives ~ we needed better communication skills.  Truly our biggest lesson we have learned from Scott is communication, communication, and how you communicate!  We recommend Scott to any married couple that is having issues.  We as a couple will use Scott again when we feel therapy is needed.   Thanks Scott !!"

Frank and Anna-Mae, Harrisburg

"At first, I really didn't want to go to see Scott as I had been involved in an affair.  But, after the initial consultation, my wife and I both knew this was the place we needed to be.  We addressed our issues one by one, and the reasons for our dysfunction became very clear.  We both committed to change, and it happened.  Change happened and, then, 9 weeks later, we were at the mountaintop.  We are a testimonial to the fact that couples can come back from the brink of an affair and potential divorce.  And, I might add, it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be!"  

-  Winston and Rebecca, Palmyra

"We appreciated the marriage enrichment class led by Pastor Scott and Cindy.  We participated for 13 weeks.  It has been helpful to us in our marriage, as we recognize how much of our communication had been lost in translation due to the differences in how we each process and think.  We learned to work on our communication.   It has been an ongoing work in progress, but our marriage is in better shape for it.  They have been a blessing."

- Yuan and Fenna Cheng, Mechanicsburg, PA

"My husband and I enjoyed the Mountaintop Marriage class that Scott and Cindy taught very much, and we both feel that we came away from it with new insight on our marriage and how to handle some situations better.  We still refer to points that we learned in that class, and that has helped us most times to see things more in perspective and diffuse arguments before they get out of hand.  Taking the Mountaintop Marriage class was a great experience and a definite benefit to our marriage!"
- Terry and Debbie, Lewisberry, PA


"Scott Minnich has definitely made a positive impact on my marriage.  He has shown my wife and I how important it is to never stop dating.  We try to consistently get quality and quantity one-on-one time together to further communicate, plan, and enjoy one another as a couple.  He has also stressed how important it is to establish a budget and stick to it as close as you can.  We discussed how to learn what each other's love languages are so that we can best meet each other's needs.  Men and women both must feel valued and appreciated and he taught us how important it is to make God the focal point of your marriage and to put the needs of your wife before your own.  Husbands need to determine what their wife's needs are and look to fulfill those needs in order to produce a marriage that will last a lifetime.  We really appreciate Scott's thoroughness and willingness to help us discover our character traits and personality types so that we can work together as a team.  We look forward to future counseling with Scott to continue our process of making our marriage the best it can be."

- Thad, Mechanicsburg

"My husband and I truly appreciate the time Pastor Minnich took to thoroughly prepare us for marriage.  He met in our homes (which was convenient), provided handouts and books, and assigned homework which helped us continue the conversation during the week.  I still go back to notes I had taken to refresh my memory on the lists we each made. The pre-marital counseling covered categories such as personalities, conflict, expectations, budgeting, and romance."

- Janice, Mechanicsburg


"Scott and Cindy provided the teaching at our annual Marriage Retreat. We were blessed beyond words; they were an answer to our prayers. Scott and Cindy demonstrate real teamwork while presenting their original material, which is based on the practical application of Biblical principles. The topics were relevant, researched, well-organized and delivered with animation, humility and humor. Every couple, young and old, who attended and responded to our retreat survey had high praise for Scott and Cindy’s teaching; many gave verbal testimonies to that effect. During that weekend we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and were excited to learn new ideas and gain new insights about God’s amazing plan for marriage."

Tom & Sue Bunker
Marriage Works Ministry Team
Capital Area Christian Church
Mechanicsburg, PA

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