Would you like to KNOW that your marriage can be helped and WHAT the counselor is like BEFORE being financially obligated?

If "YES", then Scott has a plan for you.  In an effort to give a couple sufficient information BEFORE
they make a decision, Scott meets for FREE with the couple for a 2-hour consultation after the couple has completed an online questionnaire.

While in his Doctoral program, Scott came across an online questionnaire called ThriveSphere.  He has been using this extremely useful tool with couples for the last several years.

The tool is an online questionnaire that includes 67 different questions for each spouse to answer.  The questionnaire takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.  After contacting Scott, each person is given directions and logs onto the site with their own login information to ensure confidentiality.  The questionnaire costs a total of $25 for the couple, which represents the amount Scott is charged by the online company to process the information from the answers to the questionnaire.

When both spouses have taken the questionnaire, the answers are compiled into a viewable graph that helps the couple better understand the dynamics of their relationship.  The answers also help pinpoint possible areas where the couple might benefit from life coaching.  This information is then used during the free 2-hour meeting to determine whether counseling is desired and, if so, the scope and direction of the upcoming counseling sessions. 

As Scott says, "For many couples, the mountaintop experience has faded and they are in need of a tune-up, just like their car needs a tune-up. This tool can be really helpful for couples who are looking for something to help ignite that spark that has grown a little dim."

Once the FREE 2-hour marriage life coaching session is completed, Scott charges $ 45 per hour for the remaining sessions if the couple decides to move forwards.
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