Rev. Minnich and Cindy are evangelical Christians who believe that the Bible is God's handbook for dynamic living.

According to Scott, "For Christian couples, the biblical themes of forgiveness and hope represent foundational themes in our counseling.  As Jesus Christ has forgiven us, we (his children) are called to exhibit similar forgiveness in our marriages."

Scott continues, "Furthermore, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the transformation He can bring, NO CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE is without hope for dynamic and lasting change.  We have seen God do absolutely amazing things in the lives of Christian couples and we expect Him to work in every marriage for His glory".

Scott continues, "We can and do counsel people who are not Christians. In our preliminary meeting, we ensure that the couple is aware of our Christian perspective and establish guidelines as to what is acceptable for both parties.  We have seen wonderful results in non-Christian marriages as well."

The simple answer is "YES"!!

Scott says that, "In our experience, we have seen a significant number of marriages pulled back from the brink of divorce on more than one occasion".
Scott continues, "In one instance, the spouse was one day away from calling a divorce lawyer.  In a second circumstance, the wife was dealing with an alcoholic husband who would not admit to his issues.  In a third instance, an affair had taken place with one of the partners.  And, in a fourth situation, one spouse was already living with another person and had filed for divorce.  In all four instances, the marriages were not only saved, but they were put back together in such a way that their marriages were better than they had ever been before".

The true reality is that men and women really do want a mountaintop marriage.  But, contrary to what we might see in the media, getting to the mountaintop does involve some ongoing work for EVERY couple.

If both partners are willing to put a little elbow grease into it, we wholeheartedly believe that ANY marriage can reach the mountaintop.  In all the years that Scott and Cindy have been doing marriage enrichment, Scott says that "we can't remember one couple who did not improve when both partners were willing to work at the relationship in a steady and systematic fashion".

Yes, your marriage CAN be saved if both of you are willing to at least give it a try.
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